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Saturday, August 10, 2013

YouTube Video on Tailgaters from a Bikers point of view

Bikers, what to do with tailgaters?

I haven't got the answer yet, so I'm still searching,
but here below are the results from my search.

Just an idea. So far, this is what I think a Biker can do.
~ Install a camera pointing to the back.
~ When someone tailgates you, take note of the date and time.
~ Retrieve the video footage, and send it the the Traffic Police with a cover letter.
~ The Traffic Police should handle it from there and give you a reply.

Below are what other Bikers have done.
They are entertaining to watch BUT...
I will NOT recommend those shown here below.

Biker gets revenge on tailgater

Biker Confronts Cab Driver After Being Tailgated (Coarse Language)


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