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Thursday, December 08, 2011

12 Days of Baba Nyonya Christmas

Someone just sent me this... enjoy...

12 Days of Baba Nyonya Christmas - Alvin Oon
12 Days of Baba Nyonya Christmas
~ by Alvin Oon
~ Lyrics

On the first day of Christmas my sayang gave to me...

01 ~ A Main Wayang Music CD
02 ~ 2 Chinchalok
03 ~ 3 Kerosang
04 ~ 4 Buah Keluak
05 ~ 5 Box of Cherki
06 ~ 6 Gula Melaka
07 ~ 7 Sambal Belachan
08 ~ 8 Kasot Manek
09 ~ 9 Kain Sarong
10 ~ 10 Otak2
11 ~ 11 Sets of Congkak
12 ~ 12 Ondeh2


English ~ Inspite of = Despite


• 'Despite of' is a grammatical error! 
• 'Despite' = 'In spite of'
• 'In spite' --- two words


Although "in spite of" is perfectly standard English, some people prefer "despite" because it is shorter. 

Be careful not to mix the two together by saying "despite of"... 
except as part of the phrase "in despite of" meaning "in defiance of".

And note that unlike "despite," "in spite" should always be spelled as two separate words.

Question & Answer ~ by Cornelius & Tom

"Despite of" versus "inspite of"

Question by Cornelius:

          When do you use despite of and when to use inspite of... :roll: 

          is there a difference?

          Thanks in advance!!!

Answer by Tom:

          Hi Cornelius

          "Despite of" is a grammatical error! 

          "In spite of = Despite".

          1- Despite the rough weather, she came on time.
          2- In spite of the rough weather, she came on time.

Question by Cornelius:

          i see.. thanks tom! i wouldn't have known that had you not told me....

          one last question...
          when is it better to use despite over inspite of?

          thansk again -cornelius

Answer by Tom:

          In spite --- two words

          In spite of the fact that the Brewers suck, fans flock to Miller Park to watch the Brewers play.

          Despite the fact that the rewers suck, fans...

Reply by Cornelius:


          IMO, they're more or less equal. Just pick one (until someone else comes along with clearly delineated usage rules for them, anyway. hehe).

          oooppss.! is it really two words... hahhahah.... common error i guess.... :-D thank you so much .. i really have to share this with my friend... salamat (thanks) again!