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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kristang Dictionary ~ by PGA (my Base Level)

2010 Aug 22, 1829hrs
After some thought, I've decided to close this entry and continue on a seperate BLOG on this topic coz I suspect that there's going to be a lot of growing and it'll be too BIG for this BLOG... so watch this spot for the any updates...

First Entry:
2010 Aug 22, 1554hrs

This entry is a dictionary entry reference of Kristang (Cristao or Cristão), a language my father spoke. He was a 2nd Generation Singapore-Eurasian of Portuguese descent.

I'll be using various sources to build this database, starting with words from my memory.

I'll also be using the resource of my Eurasian relatives & friends who still speak a little. I will also probably look for the actual Portuguese words from the internet that bears a close resemblance to Kristang.

I will accept comments and suggestions from any of my Eurasian (Kristang) readers, but I reserve the right to decide what stays and what goes... so send me your comments.

English = Kristang (actual Portuguese word and spelling)
In {these brackets} will be the actual Portuguese word and spelling if it, sounds close to, and is applicable to Kristang.

one = un {um}
two = dois {dois}
three = tres {três}
four = quatro {quatro}
five = sentu {cinco}
(sorry, my dad said that he could only count to five in Kristang so that's all i know for now)

Yes & No:
yes = seng
no = nungka or ngka

already, done = ja {já}
and = kung or kong (see 'with')
bum, backside (ass) = ku {cu}
Christmas = Natal {Natal}
Christian = Kristang {Cristão} (see Eurasian)
cupboard = almeira {armário} ('almari' in Malay)
eat = kumi {comer}
enough = basta {basta}
Eurasian (of Portuguese Descent) = Kristang (see Christian)
father = pai {pai}
daughter = fila {filha}
dog = kachoru {cachorro}
done (see already)
don't have = nun teng {não têm}
door = porta {porta}
good = bong (see merry)
goodbye = bong kaminyu, adios
have, has, got = teng {ter, tem,)
he, she = ele {ele, ela}
heart = korasang (coração)
home = kasa {casa}
how, what if = klai {quelai}
how much = quantu {quanto}
how to = klailogu {como}
I = yo {eu}
Indian = Moru
knife = faka {faca}
love = amor {amor}
marry = kasar {casar}
merry = bong (see 'good')
Merry Christmas = Bong Natal
much = muito {muito}
mother = mai {mãe}
my, mine = minya {minha, mina}
no = nun {não}, nungka or ngka
parents = mai-pai (see mother & father)
pass = passar {passar}
plenty = tantu
problem = nada
grateful = grato {grato}
say = (see 'talk')
school = escola {escola}, ('sekolah' in Malay)
shit = kagak {cagar}
smelly = fedek
soldier = soldadu {soldado}
son = filo {filho}
speak = (see 'talk')
talk = falar {falar}
want = kere (quere, euquere = I want)
we = Nus or Nos
what if =  klai {quelai} (see 'how')
with = kung or kong (see 'and')

thanks, thank you = obri {obrigado, grato}, merceh
(note: my family uses 'obri', I suspect 'merceh' is a French connection)

you = bose {você, vós}
want = kere {querer}
white = branku {branco}
White Christmas = Natal Branku

(to build this from above slowly)
Kristang to English:
bong = good
bong bong = safe
seng = yes
nun {não} = no
nungka or ngka = no



Translate (Google Online Software)


Very useful website to tranlate between various languages. You can do one word, a sentence, a paragraph... I've not tried an essay yet. They even provide MP3 to help with the pronunciation.

What I find interesting is the Portuguese Language. I helps to confirm the very few words I already know in Kristang (Portuguese spoken by Singaporeans-Eurasians of Portuguese descent). Here are some examples...

English = Portuguese (Kristang Pronunciation)
already = já
ass = cu (ku)
eat = comer (kumi)
dog = cachorro (kachoru)
don't have = não têm (nunteng)
door = porta
have, has, got = ter, tem, tem (teng)
heart = coração (korasang)
home = casa (kasa)
I = eu (yo)
love = amor
marry = casar (kasar)
my, mine = minha, mina (minya)
shit = cagar (kagak)
talk = falar
you = você, vós, (bose)
want = querer (kere)
etc... {wow! this is fun... I'm going to continue this in another entry...}