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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer For The Sick (to Jesus, Mary & God)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 3:45 PM
Just received a prayer request for someone's friend via email.

{Hi – please pray for my friend Name – her cancer has spread and it is showing on the outside, i.e. blisters are popping up and oozing pus around her right side (where the mastectomy/grafting was done), her right arm is badly swollen (twice the normal size) and she can’t lift it. She is now on oral as well as liquid morphine – high dosage. Admitted to NUH again today. Doctors have given her about 3-6 months. She is strong and bears the pain without complaining. Thanks and God Bless. }

Her description of her friend's sufferings was so graphic that I was moved to tears (as I wrote the prayer) and also to ponder on 'Pain & Sufferings' in the world.

Prayer For The Sick
(to Jesus, Mary & God The Father)

Lord Jesus Christ,
Hear our prayers for NAME.
Help her to unite her sufferings with yours
and if it's your will, may she get better.
Be with her, and let her never forget
that you care for her.

Mary, Our Mother,
Please intercede for us with Jesus, your son,
That she may be cured,
or at least --- may she not feel pain,
or at least --- may her sufferings not be long,
or at least --- may she find Jesus in her sufferings,
or at least --- that her sufferings will not be in vain
with her eternal reward in heaven with God.

Our Father in heaven,
You gave us life.
Surely you'll not take it from us
except to give us eternal life in heaven.
Our human understanding is not enough
to comprehend fully this suffering.
You gave us your son to show us
that suffering is necessary,
even for the innocent.
But like your son,
we ask that you take this cup from us;
Yet not our will, but yours be done.
We make this prayer
through Jesus Christ your son
& his loving mother, Mary.



Here's an update ~ Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 2:01 PM
I thank the Lord that I can turn to you for prayers whenever I request them. I have in need of them again. Some of you have been praying for my friend 'B' – the doctors are not going to do much for her anymore. Also, my aunty 'H' has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and will be transferred to Assisi Home & Hospice today. Please join me in praying that they will be comfortable and be at peace for their eternal reward is waiting for them. Thanks much!


Here's an update ~ Monday, March 01, 2010 10:51 AM
Hi – Thanks for your prayers again. My Aunty 'H' passed away peacefully last night. May she rest in peace. My friend 'B' is in a semi-conscious state and in pain. Please continue to pray for her. Thanks and God Bless.


Here's an update ~ Tuesday, 02 March, 2010 9:27 AM
Hi everyone – the Lord has been kind and merciful. My friend 'B' went to meet him yesterday afternoon. May she rest in his arms, Amen.

Final Update ~ Tuesday, 02 March, 2010 9:28 AM

'B' & 'H' have passed away. They were faithful till the end, with their family & friends praying with them, and for them. Like Timothy, they can each say "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." ~ Bible, 2 Timothy 4:7 --- As Catholics, we continue to pray for their souls as we pray for the souls of everyone else we know, and those that we do not know.

Why do people need to suffer & die?
Now, I'm no expert on Pain & Suffering but I hope this article will help. I know that it has helped some of the people; AND I also know that it is of NO use to some of the other people; BUT I do know that it definitely works for me.

Trying To Understand Pain & Suffering

A priest once explained to me that there's pain & suffering in the world because of the propergation of sin. Our human understanding is not enough to comprehend fully this suffering. God gave us Jesus (His Son) to show us that suffering is necessary, even for the innocent. But like Jesus, we can ask God to take this cup from us; yet not our will, but God's be done. When we see someone suffering, it's NOT necessarily because of his own sin; it may be the sin of others that has been propergated into the world. I believe that God sees all that is happening and will not forget the sufferer's reward in Heaven. Everyone has their own suffering, it's just that sometimes it is not obvious to us. Not all cases of suffering are God's will, but rather due to circumstances of life. Some are very "clear"... for example... we believe that Jesus' Passion is God's Will because it's stated in the Bible, but if it was not in the Bible, then we can only assume that... or think that it's because of those around him who feel politically threatened by his popularity. Which ever the case, it is more important for us to think of it as a cleansing like what Jesus (and his mother) had to go through even though he's totally innocent. When we suffer, we may be going through our own cleansing, or may be, the cleansing of others.