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Sunday, January 15, 2012

GMAIL Tip ~ Problem moving emails from Trash to Inbox

I found this very useful. I hope you do too.

Problem moving emails from Trash to Inbox ~ by DavidandSherry


Level 1 ~ 7/25/11
Using the Firefox browser and Mac OS X v. 10.6.8, I'm trying to move an email from Trash to Inbox. I check the box next to the sender's name, click Move to but the dropdown menu now only gives me the choices of: a blank field, Personal, Receipts, Travel, Work, Spam, Create new, and Mange labels. Aren't these Labelschoices and why are they now displayed under Move to? How do I move an email from Trash to Inbox?


Top Contributor ~ 7/25/11
You should get a "Move to Inbox" option under the labels, unless the messages already have the Inbox label. (That can happen if they were deleted through IMAP.) If you don't get a 'Move to Inbox' option, move them to another label instead, the remove that label. (You can create a temporary label for that.)

Level 1 ~ 7/26/11

I appreciate your reply. I was not familiar with the IMAP protocol but, after doing some research, I assume that the e-mails in question were deleted by another user (in this case, my wife) using a different server (she's out of town and using another person's computer. This is the first time we've done this without our own computer). The result, as you explained, in trying to move any of those e-mails from Trash to Inbox, is that the Move to choices no longer include Inbox. I have found two ways to easily move those e-mails fromTrash to Inbox:

• First, 
as you recommended, I am able to move them from Trash to Spam as Spam is one of the choices under Move to. Then, in Spam, I check the box to the left of the e-mail, click on Not spam and the e-mail is automatically moved to the Inbox.

• Second, 
I now see that those e-mails in Trash that were deleted there through IMAP now display the wordInbox just before the subject of the e-mail. By checking the box to the left of the e-mail and then clicking on that word Inbox on the subject line, the e-mail is displayed with two new boxes located to the right of the subject. The first box reads "Inbox | X" and the second box reads "Trash | X." By clicking on the X after the word Trash, the entire e-mail is moved from Trash to Inbox.

My problem has been solved and my knowledge has been increased. Many thanks, B kennelly, for your help.



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