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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Law ~ She sue the hotel after she slipped and fell its wet floor

She sue the hotel after she slipped and fell its wet floor.

Wah! Defence Lawyer did PI work to prove she can walk.

Maybe... she should NOT have gone for that walk.

But... maybe she was trying to see if she could walk, and ONLY knew for certain after that walk that her condition was "steadily deteriorating".

But definitely... I do not have all the details of this story to make a FULL commentary.

Ok then... PARTIAL commentary.


The Straits Times
Published on May 21, 2015

Woman who sought $3.3 million for knee fracture in fall gets $9,000 in court award

By K C Vijayan

SINGAPORE - A woman who sought some $3.3 million damages in probably "the most expensive knee injury ever claimed" will have to settle for $9,000 after the High Court was not convinced she could not walk or work as before.

Briton Pamela Mykytowych had suffered a fractured left knee when she slipped and fell on the wet floor of the VIP Hotel lobby near Newton MRT in May 2011.

The hotel accepted 50 per cent liability for the mishap and it was left to the court to assess the damages payable.

A High Court hearing was held in February where the 50-year-old former endurance racing driver sought damages for loss of future earnings and a condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This was in addition to compensation for pain and suffering from the physical injury.

Justice Choo Han Teck in judgement grounds released on Thursday remarked that the claims for physical injury were "not difficult" to assess, which he set at $12,000. He also awarded about $6,000 more for pre-medical and transport costs. She therefore was awarded $9,000 ,at 50 per cent liability.

He noted the big ticket items related to her career record and social activities, as she had been an active person who enjoyed driving cars at car rallies.

She claimed that as a result of the accident she was unable to lead the kind of lifestyle she was used to.

Justice Choo found the fracture had completely healed and accepted she had sustained CRPS based on the medical evidence. But he found her claims of the effects of CRPS to be exaggerated.

Defence lawyer Ramesh Appoo produced evidence to show she went on a long nature walk in July 2012, "contrary to her much emphasised pain and how it prevents her from walking long distances to the extent that she is unable to work".

The judge found this was inconsistent with her claims that her condition had been "steadily deteriorating" since November 2011.

"I therefore find her claims as to her disability and loss of income to be untrue,"said Justice Choo.

Briton Pamela Mykytowych had suffered a fractured left knee when she slipped 
and fell on the wet floor of the VIP Hotel lobby near Newton MRT in May 2011.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Acupressure Massage ~ by Eu Yan Sang

Maintain your health with acupressure massage

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating acupressure points, or acupoints, can clear blockages, correct imbalances of Yin and Yang energy and promote self-healing of the body. Further benefits of acupressure range from relaxation to removing toxins to improving certain chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
Many acupoints are easy to locate and remember, and basic techniques only involve applying pressure by pressing or kneading. With this do-it-yourself guide, you can learn how to relieve many types of discomfort and have more control over your well being.

Yin Tang 印堂

Between the two tips of the eyebrows
• Clears head and brightens eyes, relieves nasal congestion
• Invigorates the brain and has calming effects (improves quality of sleep)
• Dispels wind, frees up congestion of the meridian and relieves pain
• Good for relieving headaches, dizziness and all types of forehead heatiness
• Good for nasal diseases: rhinitis, nasosinusitis, nosebleed
• Good for optical diseases: sore eyes, dizzy vision
• Good for the neurological system: helps alleviate insomnia, facial palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, neurasthenia, dementia, amnesia and forgetfulness
• Good for hypertension
Massage Technique:
• Press and knead on the Yin Tang acupoint using the fleshy part of either middle finger for 2- 3 minutes. Then using your thumb and index finger, lightly pinch this acupoint for about 1 minute.
• This massage can be done 3 times a day or whenever needed.

Ying Xiang 迎香

Beside the midpoint of nosewing
• Drains lung fire
• Dispels wind and relieves congestion
• Regulates Qi and relieves pain
• Improves local blood circulation
• Good for deviated eyes and mouth, facial edema (puffy face), swollen lips, headache and sore eyes caused by heatiness, tearing on exposure to wind, boils on head or face, chronic conjunctivitis
• Good for nasal ailments: prevents nasal ailments, blocked nose, nosebleed, acute and chronic rhinitis, hyposmia (gradual loss of smell), nasal polyp, upper respiratory infection, gasping/wheezing
• Helps relieve constipation
Massage Technique:
• Using the tips of both index fingers, press on the Ying Xiang acupoint, about 1 minute each time. Then in an upwards – downwards direction, follow the outline of your laugh lines and the sides of the nose using both thumbs.
• This massage can be done 2 – 3 times per day or whenever needed, about 1 minute each time. Drink warm water after each massage.

Qiao Gong 桥弓

Along the longitudinal muscle from below the ear to the collarbone
Benefits: Located near the carotid sinus, hence it is said to regulate blood pressure. Stimulating this area helps to slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure.
Massage Technique:
• Press your thumb on the Yi Feng acupoint, which is behind the ear, pushing and pressing towards the indentation above the clavicle for 100 times. Push the left side before the right side. Do not push both sides at the same time.
• You should have the feeling of hardness and swelling. The style of massage should be soft and uniform.

Nei Guan 内关

In the middle of the wrist, about two finger widths below the palm.
• Improves cardiac functions; prevents cardiovascular diseases such as angina, stuffy chest, palpitations
• Suppresses secretion of gastric acid, promote gastric motility, may prevent digestion disorders such as stomachache, nausea, vomiting, hiccup, bloating
• Calms the mind and promotes better quality of rest at night. Good for preventing depression and mental disorder
• Ensures smooth flow of Qi in chest, good for relieving pain when breathing
• Prevents stroke
• Regulates blood cholesterol
Massage Technique:
• Use your left thumb to press on the right Nei Guan acupoint, with the thumbnail placed laterally to the two tendons, press 20 times. Then, knead in circular motion for 2 minutes. Repeat with the right thumb in the left Nei Guan acupoint, 2 times daily.
• You can also wear a wristband with a bump that will press into Nei Guan acupoint when positioned properly. You should feel soreness, numbness or expanded stimulated feeling towards the middle finger or to the elbow when stimulating the Nei Guan acupoint.

Zu San Li 足三里

On the outer calf, about four finger widths under the knee bone.
• Improves body resistance. Enhances immunological functions of the body and can keep illness at bay
• Strengthens the digestive system, alleviates stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and other gastrointestinal disorders or discomfort
• Helps in leg numbness/pain, difficulty in leg movement
Massage Technique:
Press with thumb/tap with object until soreness and numbness is felt. Do this massage for 5 minutes a day.

He Gu 合谷

At the intersecting point between the thumb and index finger
• Relieves headaches, and other problems in the neck and head region related to teeth, nose, ears and eyes
• It is known for its dual direction of regulation. He Gu regulates the Qi of the stomach and intestines, thus promoting bowel movement and inhibiting diarrhea
Massage Technique:
• Press and release 30 times per minute for each side. You should press the He Gu acupoint until soreness or numbness is felt.
• For constipation: press and knead for 3 minutes, then rub the stomach in a clockwise direction.
• Strong stimulation is not suitable for weak people. Not recommended for pregnant women.
Acupressure Massage Pictures


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Guitar Comping Chords Patterns by SL

Diminish Chord Pattern 1

Note that the 2 chord patterns are the same but the Function is different.

C#, G, Bb, E = the Full Chord
C#, G, Bb, E = the Notes Played

A, C#, G, Bb, E = the Full Chord
C#, G, Bb, E = the Notes Played
For this A7b9, the 'A' note is not played here for various reasons like; it could be played by another instrument or it is the least important note among the other 4 here.


Monday, May 04, 2015

News ~ Rape victim waives her right to anonymity to prevent other women from taking unlicensed cabs

Rape victim waives her right to anonymity to 
prevent other women from taking unlicensed cabs

Mail Online

Rape victim who was attacked by a bogus taxi driver waives her right to anonymity in the hope that her ordeal will prevent other women from taking unlicensed cabs

• Sarah Thompson was 19 when she was raped by Shakeel Ahmed
• He was posing as a cab driver and attacked her on a quiet road
• Mr Ahmed was captured and jailed for five years
• Miss Thompson came forward after fellow rape victim Ceri Lindon committed suicide following her attack  

PUBLISHED: 18:51 GMT, 3 May 2015 | UPDATED: 18:55 GMT, 3 May 2015

"I want to get the message across that it's just not worth getting into an unmarked taxi for the sake of a night out. It changed my life forever"

A rape victim has waived her right to anonymity in a bid to warn other women about the perils of getting into an unlicensed taxi.

Sarah Thompson, 21, from Irthlingborough, Northants, has opened up about her ordeal at the hands of Shakeel Ahmed, a man she presumed to be an official taxi driver and urges other women to always take care when travelling late at night.

The attack took place two years ago, but in an interview with The Sun, she said: 'I have panic attacks and struggle with physical contact ever since the attack.'

Miss Thompson, who was raped in March 2013, felt compelled to make her story public after the tragic death of Ceri Linden, a 20-year-old student who killed herself after she was kidnapped and raped by a fake cabbie.

The carer said: 'I want to get the message across that it's just not worth getting into an unmarked taxi for the sake of a night out. It changed my life forever.'

Miss Thompson, who was 19 at the time, had been celebrating a friend's 21st birthday in Birmingham when she decided to return to her hotel at 2.30am.

She headed to the taxi rank and jumped into Shakeel Ahmed's car, not knowing he wasn't a taxi driver at all.

She recalled: 'I don't know the city [of Birmingham] very well so didn't realise he was driving me in the opposite direction to my hotel.

'I had no idea anything was wrong until he pulled over on the side of a quiet road and I froze with fear. 

'I was in the passenger seat and all of a sudden he leant over and started kissing me aggressively. 

'I tried to back away but he was much stronger than me and I couldn't get away. I was terrified that if I fought back any more he'd kill me.

'I closed my eyes to try and block it out, but as he climbed over his heavy weight pinned me into the seat. '

Miss Thompson was so scared at this point that she passed out. 

'When I came round he was still on top of me. I felt sick.' 

The traumatised teenager, who was then only 19, managed to escape after Mr Ahmed climbed off her, and raced through the streets crying hysterically.

She was rescued by a licensed taxi driver, transporting two other women home. Terrified that he was another predator, Miss Thompson initially carried on running as the vehicle slowed down next to her. 

However, the car's driver recognising her distress sent his female passengers to talk to her. 

They called the police and she was taken into a local police station, where she was interviewed, examined and swabbed.

'I felt sore and tender, I had no idea what he'd done to me,' she recalled. 

She called in sick to work that Monday was still in shock. She said: 'It all felt surreal. I just wanted the nightmare to be over and for my life to return to what it was before. I was constantly on edge and suffered anxiety.

'Initially I was angry at myself for not checking the taxi was registered, but then I realised I didn't deserve what happened.' 

A month after the attack, Mr Ahmed was captured and arrested after police tracked his movements on the night in question on CCTV, then matched his DNA to Miss Thompson's clothes. 

'I was relieved that he'd been caught, but it didn't help with my anxiety. I was advised to attend a sexual health clinic to take a pregnancy test, which came back negative. 

'But when they told me he was a drug user I was beside myself with worry that I'd be HIV positive.'

It took three months for Miss Thompson to get the all-clear. 

Mr Ahmed, then 31, was later found guilty of sexual assault by penetration after an eight-day trial at Birmingham crown caught, nine months after the attack. 

Miss Thompson gave evidence from behind a screen. 

'It was awful having to relive it,' she said. 'Out of all the "taxis" to get into that night, I can't believe I was unlucky enough to pick that one.'

She added: 'I'd always wondered why I had sat in the passenger's seat that night but police believe he locked the back doors so I had no choice.'

Her life has been changed irrevocably, and she doesn't think her life will ever return to normal. The carefree young woman is gone.

She said: 'I haven't been drunk since. Now, I'm always the designated driver on nights out.'

Miss Thompson also urges women to book taxis in advance.

'You never really think that something like this is going to happen to you, but it has to me, and does to hundreds of others.

'I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did. I'm speaking out to warn others: never get into an unlicensed cab.'