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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hair Loss Ads ~ Interesting

There's a saying...

"If it's... too good to be true... then... 
it probably IS too good to be true."

... so I probably won't go for this.

Video 1 or 2:

1990's INFOMERCIAL HELL #19: Spray paint the bald away with GLH, by Ronco, of course!

Ron Popeil's ingenuity factory unleashed this hair-in-a-can corrective back in the 1990's, and it's still on the market today. Build up your bald spot with a rich, foamy dust.

Video 2 or 2:

Reclaim Your Self-Confidence


Quarter Note Rest (Crotchet Rest)

From the internet.


The quarter rest (or crotchet rest). It denotes a silence of the same duration as a quarter note. It typically appears as the symbol Crotchet rest alt plain-svg.svg and occasionally as the older symbol Crotchet rest plain-svg.svg.

Anastasia Font ~ Alt+0206 ~ For Encore Music Notation Software
~ by Doug Kerr on Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:56 pm

What I will say applies only to the Windows version of Encore.

You can place rests from the Anastasia font on the score as chord symbols by:

  • Select the Chord tool ("C") and set the font to Anastasia and the point size to something large (I would suggest you first try 24 points).
  • Open the Windows Character Map and select the Anastasia font.
  • Find the rest you need (see more below). Click on it. Click on Select and then on Copy.
  • Select the chord tool and click on the score where you want the symbol. The Chord symbol dialog will open.
  • In the Chord Symbol dialog, click on the Custom box, and then use the following Alt key plus numeric cluster sequence for the desired rest symbol to enter the character. (The correct character will not appear in the Custom box - that's OK.)

    Whole Alt+238
    dot after Alt+0158 (not sure this is the best dot)
    Half Alt+0183
    dot after Alt+0175 (not sure this is the best dot)
    Quarter Alt+0206
    Eighth Alt+0228
    1/16 Alt+0197
    1/32 Alt+0168
    1/64 Alt+0244
    1/128 Alt+0229
  • OK the dialog to deposit the character on the score.
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