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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Height Phobia (Fear of Falling)

A friend of mine posted this. This brings back memories for me.

Image 1 ~ scroll down for a larger view.

This activity has many names. I first knew it as 'Omega Slide' but it is also commonly known as 'Flying Fox' and 'Zipping'. What I experienced in the Army is known as the 'Omega Slide' because we actually hold on to something that resembles the Omega Sign 'Ω'. We did have a safety belts but the some of the instructors were giving us a demo without safety belts.

I had to do this exercise during NS-Army Military Police Training and it was 5-Storeys high and to top that I have this height phobia (fear of falling). I did it 8 times. the 1st 4 times, my legs was all wobbly (because of my phobia) and therefore I couldn't run at the end and stumbled. The remaining last 4, I managed to run at the end and I thought I was cured from my phobia... but years later without ever doing it again, my phobia has returned.

I don't think I will ever get over this Height Phobia but from this experience, maybe I should do this often to keep my Height Phobia at bay because when I did it then and had gotten used to it... I really didn't feel that I had Height Phobia.

Image 2 ~ I've re-sized this GIF-Animation bigger for easy viewing.