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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Date with the Family

Ok... I've finished my work and I'm ready for that date with the family.




Quote ~ We're too smart...

What happened Yesterday and Today are NOT connected... but this is what happens just because I have to listen to news on TV the whole day. Yesterday... it was... Apple wining the Law Suit against Samsung for copying their Smart Phones. Today... I keep hearing this... the.. whole... day... today.

Although they're only words, I love the creative rhetoric that never fails to entertain.

We're too smart to know there 
aren't easy answers, but we're 
not dumb enough to accept that 
there aren't better answers.
~ Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, Republican 
nominee in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.

Here's the Video


Korean Singers ~ by Daniel

Male Singer

K Will love is punishment

K.Will - Love Is Punishment (Starring Lee Seung Ki (이승기)) (Brilliant Legacy OST) MV

SG wannabe Sunflower

SG Wannabe - Sunflower (101219)

Female Singer.

Lena Park accidental couple
English words: I Believe, I Believe...

Take Care Of The Young Lady OST "That Fool" (Lena Park)


Korean Singers ~ by Joy

Featuring... Cho KyuHyun

for Lee Hae ri, click HERE.

Update: 2012 Aug 29, 0924hrs

Added these 1 song/s:
• Cho KyuHyun ~ and his elder sister Cho Ahra in Immortal Song 2

He sounds like a Baritone here.

This was the one I wanted to show you at Jiejie Adry's place!
Best performance everrrrrrrrrrr :

110903 Cho KyuHyun and his elder sister Cho Ahra in Immortal Song 2