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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Smiley Collection (PGA) ~ Smiley Wink!

A Smiley Wink!

Yes, my smiley collection will start with a smile and a wink! The rest of them will be listed below.

Roll Eyes


Smiley ~ Thinking or Day-Dreaming

GIF ~ Smiley ~ Shy & Coy


Small Smileys

Hi there! Nice ta meet ya!

 Roll Over Smiling

 Smile and Blink

 Lol! Laughing Out Loud

 Eyes Roll

 Green with envy, Eyes Roll


 Uh! Oh! Don't know what's happening

 Thumb's Up, Thumb's Down

 Applause, Clap


 Wave Hi!

 In Love

 Sleepy, Asleep

 Hide in a Clam

 Wow! or Yawn, So boring




Smiley ~ 01 Hot, Angry or Playing the Evil Devil
Smiley ~ 02 Evil Devil to burn in hell's fire

 Cheeky, Naughty