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Friday, October 15, 2010

Flaky Tau Sa Pia ~ Chop Mui Lee Pte Ltd ~ Sweet Bean Paste

This must be the best Flaky Tau Sa Pia I've tasted yet.

I just had this for breakfast this morning... 3 pieces. My wife bought it from the factory address listed below.

This Flaky Tau Sa Pia is small in size,
just nice for me to pop a whole piece in my mouth;
this lessens an un-avoidable mess from the flakes that fall off easily.

However, when there's time,
I'd eat it over a plate, and after having finished it,
I'd pick up each flake left behind with a moist finger
and leave a nice clean plate, ready for the next one.

Tau Sa Pia (Sweet Bean Paste)
Chop Mui Lee Pte Ltd
Sales Dept: Blk 51, Chin Swee Road, #01-89, Singapore 160051, Tel: 6-533-0295
Factory: 118, Commonwealth Crescent, #01-25, Singapore 140118, Tel: 6-472-0693