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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Belief & Trust ~ by PGA

This 'not-believing-in-what-you-are-telling-me'.. 
does Not Equate to 'not-believing-in-you'.

It's not that I do not believe you. I do believe you.
I do believe, that what you are telling me, is what you perceive as the truth. 
I have no doubts in my mind that you are being honest with me.
So I do believe you and I trust you.

It is just that I don't believe in 'what' you are telling me.

I believe that, right now, we are not in disagreement with one another.

In fact, if anything... we should trust each other... and I do trust you.

It is just that we are not in agreement with subject on hand.
We don't see eye to eye on this matter.
This has nothing to do with believing and / or trusting you.
This has nothing to do with trust.

This is just a disagreement in the subject and NOT in each other.

That's all.