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Friday, July 08, 2011

Mumbly's Snikering

I have a colleague that laughs like this.

I won't mention her name but I've done an earlier BLOG entry on the way she laughs at this LINK.

Mumbly is a cartoon dog character famous for his wheezy laugh, voiced by Don Messick. Mumbly does not really talk; he mumbles and grumbles unintelligibly, and often uses his trademark snicker. The Mumbly Cartoon Show was a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which aired on ABC from 1976-77.

Here's Mumbly. 
Hear him start to snicker at about 4 secs into this video:

YouTube Title: mumbly-stay tuned
Dialog on Video: See if our snickering hero, detective Mumbly, can put the cuffs on big duke and his cop-stopper... coming right up.

Here's another cartoon that has the same laugh:

Muttley laugh

And here's what happens when they realize what they sound like:

Muttley laughing for real

Today's Dialog

You said:
{he says can eat anywhere
newton, yishun, downstairs, italian, 
western near italian, adam road 
or whatever.}

I say:
Tell him that THAT is not... 
"can eat anywhere..." but
"can eat at any of these places..."
There is a whole lot of difference.
Oh... sorry... I miss the "or whatever"... 
Really meh? 
Can we exploit the "whatever"?


Favorite Scenes from ~ Back to the Future Movie (1985)

I just love these scenes from this movie...
Back to the Future Movie (1985)

Skateboard Chase Scene - Back to the Future Movie (1985) - HD

Johnny B. Goode Scene - Back to the Future Movie (1985) - HD

This is nice, but this is NOT the original version of the song.
For the Original Singer and Composer of this song... click here.


Cute talk by Ducky from the movie, The Land Before Time.

Original Entry:
I have a colleague who talks like this... well... almost. I won't mention her name.

(Here's an update: if you want to hear the way she laughs, this is the LINK.)

This kind of talking where they repeat words is cute... for children... 
But when an adult talks like that... hmm... I guess it depends.

Littlefoot Meets Ducky Scene - The Land Before Time Movie (1988) - HD
Here are 6 of Ducky's cute lines from this scene:

1) Maybe you cannot talk yet... HAH... HAH?
2) Alright, I am not a Long-Neck... I am a Big-Mouth... but I am... all alone... I am.
3) Yes! Oh... {chuckle} yes. Oh yes, yes, yes!... I do... I do.
4) I will keep up... I will.
5) Oh... I hope, I hope, I hope!
6) My name is Ducky... Yup! That is what it is! Yup! Yup! Yup! 


Help! My screen just turned upside-down

Warning! Do NOT try this if you're NOT confidant.

My colleague had this problem with her computer. All of a sudden, her screen went upside-down. All my other colleagues and I, were amused by it. It causes disorientation and is really difficult to continue working at this computer. When you move your mouse left, it goes right and so forth.

Since this happened close to going-home-time, and it was difficult to get through the Hot-Line, she went home hoping the problem will disappear the next day. Well... it did NOT disappear.

I searched the internet (I searched 'Help! My screen just turned upside-down') and found the solution.

Alt + Ctrl + Down Arrow
This causes the screen to go upside-down, so you'd have to hang your head between your legs to read

Alt + Ctrl + Left Arrow
This causes the screen to tilt to one side, so you'd have to tilt your head Left to read

Alt + Ctrl + Right Arrow
This causes the screen to tilt to one side, so you'd have to tilt your head Right to read

Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow
This will put it back to normal or the way it's supposed to be... vuala!

Anyway, this was so amusing to me, I think I'm gonna play this prank on the kids one day.
I could have done it with yesterday when one of them was using the computer.