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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice Hotel ~ Stacey Kent ~ Poetic & Jazzy

I heard this song on radio yesterday and liked it immediately so much that I searched the internet for it.

It's so unlike the other love songs we hear. Very poetic.
I think she's referring to a stage of love where couples need to slow down and enjoy the moment.
I would think that Ice Hotel sounded too cold for a relationship, but this poem (song) explained it quite well... 
that may be the relationship is so "hot" that, that the extreme cold was necessary.

I hope you like it as well...

It's also the Jazzy type and not easy to sing and this lady brings out the song quite well.
This is the first time I've heard of her and she's quite good... go search for other songs by her.

Here's the YouTube Link while it's still there... scroll down for the lyrics...


Ice Hotel ~ Stacey Kent (Jazz) ~ Lyrics

Let's you and me go away to The Ice Hotel
The Caribbean's all booked out, and that's just as well
Once I'd have been much keener, on Barbados or Antigua
But just now I think the arctic will suit us well
Let's you and me go away… to The Ice Hotel

They've built it all with ice that's pure and clear
The sofas, the lobby… even the chandelier
A thermostat guarantees… a steady minus five degrees
What other place could serve our needs so well
Let's you and me go away… to the Ice Hotel

Romantic places… like Verona or Paris
They'll always lead you astray
You'd have to be a novice… to ever trust Venice
And those dreamy waterways
And what the tropics can do… I know only too well
So, let's you and me go away… to the Ice Hotel

[Music Interlude]

Heavy clothing at all times… is the expected norm
Even candlelight at dinner… is considered too dangerously warm
And when the time comes for us to sleep…
We'll spread out our reindeer fleece…
And curl up together… on an ice block carved for two
But then in the morning… provided we've made it through…
We'll step out together… to watch the sun rise over…
That vast expanse of cold
And who knows if we're lucky… we may find ourselves talking…
Of what our future may hold
This is no whim of the moment… I want you to realize
Let's go away… to that palace made of ice

Let's you and me go away to the ice hotel
The Bahamas are all booked out… And that's just as well
I don't think we're quite ready… for Hawaii of Tahiti
And where we will be… only time will tell
Let's you and me go away… to The Ice Hotel