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Monday, January 18, 2010

MYOB ~ Interesting Idea for a Store

Little dreams, sweet fantasies. “Dröm” is Swedish for dream. Here's an interesting idea for a store by a Singaporean couple. Read on...
The Little Dröm Store


Kki + The Little Dröm Store is located at

7 Ann Siang Hill

Here's the article...
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Should We Look After Our Aging Parents?

Here’s an excerpt of an article by Brian Richmond, a presenter/producer at Gold 90FM. He is on air from 2pm to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, and 8pm to midnight on Sundays.

"What are we demonstrating to our future generations if we were to turn our backs on our very own flesh and blood? Perhaps, we can take a cue from a beast of the forest — the elephant. Elephants are known to have one of the most closely-knit societies of any living species. Elephant families can only be separated by death or capture. Elephants don’t walk away from their sick or aged elders like some humans do. Cases have been recorded where a herd will come to the aid and comfort of an injured or dying member even if it imperils them. They rumble loudly as death nears. When death comes, the herd makes a shallow grave and throw branches and leaves over the carcass. The herd remains for a day or two before moving on. No need for any Maintenance Act of any sort for these animals to know what they must do for their family members in their last days! So, if ever you are in need of advice when the plight of an elderly lands on your lap, look at the elephants…"

Here’s full article…
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Kala Ghoda (Black Horse)

Kala Ghoda in Hindi (Indian) means Black Horse.

Kala = Black
Ghoda = Horse

Ghoda sounds like the malay word 'Kuda' which also means horse.

Kala Ghoda is a precinct or district in South Mumbai, India.