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Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy 'You-Came-Into-the-World' Day

(Happy Birthday on the Seventh of May)

I like this poem so much I'm putting this on my BLOG. As in keeping with my normal practice, everyone is anonymous here. But for those who know, this person's identity will come through once you read the poem. The poem is so personalized... it's beautiful.

The author's identity is also obvious (again, for those who know) coz he always signs-off as AL... but then again, a lot of people sign-off that way too.

Enjoy the poem.

By-the-way, 'You-Came-Into-the-World' = 'Birthday'.... so you know.

Happy 'You-Came-Into-the-World' Day
by Anonymous Lee aka AL

Today is your day.
As you go about today,
Do leave the followings at bay;

Forget about your farms,
For they are not real farms.
Forget about your aquariums,
For they are not real aquariums.

Forget about your cities,
For they are not real cities.
Take a moment and think,
As you need to do your thing.

Go on for a long ride on your scoot.
And don’t give anyone a hoot.
Feel the wind rushing at your face,
As you burn the roads with haste.

Smell the air and also the pollutants.
For they are life’s invaluable irritants.
As you end today’s adventure,
Tomorrow will be another adventure.

Have a blessed birthday.
And keep all worries at bay.