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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fiesta ~ A free MMORPG Online Game

It looks like a 3D Version of Maple Tree especially with characters like fighter, mage, cleric & archer.

Set in the vibrant and colorful world of Isya, Fiesta is a free MMORPG featuring dynamic in-game events, player-vs-player content, professions, plenty of quests, friendly GMs and an engaging community of players. Play as a fighter, mage, cleric or archer, make friends and help save the world!

www.outspark.com/fiesta OR

Video at YouTube






Pratas & Curries ~ M Selva

Good Indian Food. Opened recently around mid 2010. My favourite dish there is the Mee Goreng. My wife likes the Masala Tosai. We're currently trying the other dishes which isn't our favourite, but we've not been disappointed yet. A friend of mine likes the prata.

While preparing this blog and uploading the namecard, I noticed there's a branch in Changi (details below).

Contact info:

Pratas & Curries
M. Selva (Director)
Blk 107, Serangoon North Ave 1
#01-685, Singapore 550107
HP: 8-123-5505
Branch: No 11 Changi North St 1

Earth Jar Treasure

This is 'Health Soup Broiled To Perfection'. They run out very fast so it's advisable to call and place your order first. This is a favourite of my wife & I. Herbal soup in a claypot, cooked or boiled in a huge Buyong (see picture) which is actually a stone container, or earthen jar, the size a man. Very refreshing. The herbal soup make you feel healthy and the meat is tender. They have pork, chicken and even duck... 6 kinds of soup to choose from (Listed below or Picture Link). You can choose to have it with or without rice (Yam Rice is the default so if you want plain white rice... say so). Cost between $5.30 to $6. Those who don't speak chinese can just point to the dish number on the wall... that's what I do.

6 Types of Soup to choose from:
1 ~ Ginseng Chicken Soup
2 ~ Stimulate Appetite, Pork Soup
3 ~ Healthy Chicken Soup
4 ~ Cultivate Blood, Black Chicken Soup
5 ~ Great Health Duck Soup
6 ~ Heat Relief Lotus Pork Soup

Contact Info:
Earth Jar Treasure
(Health Soup Broiled To Perfection)
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 930am
Sunday: 10am - 3pm
HP: 9383 1864 (Teh)
77 Eating House, Blk 22 Sin Ming Road (S) 570 022

This is the name card I got just this month in 2010. You can read a 2008 Blog on this food outlet at this LINK here with lots of pictures.