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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Life ~ by Marshall Lawrence ~ SATB Score

One Life ~ by Marshall Lawrence (Lyrics)
(Rom 5:15-19)

On life, one solitary life, to change the course of history.
One man, one very special man, to fill a very special need.
One love, one pure and perfect love, alive in spite of all the odds
One plan, one very simple plan, uniting all mankind with God.

One life, one solitary life, but what that single life has done
One man, one everliving man, who gives new hope to every one
I do not claim to understand it; I only know that it is true.
The entire world was changed by that one solitary life,
One solitary life.

SATB Music Score
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On A Little Street In Singapore

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On a little street in Singapore
Jerome, who blogs at The Long and Winding Road, is regularly featured in Yesterday.sg.
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