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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Easy ~ Is it Chicken Feed or Chicken Feet or Chicken Feat?

Chicken Feed
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feat

I know that one of them is suppose to mean 'Easy'. But I'm don't know which is the correct one. I'm also curious as to it's origins. Would there be anyone out there who can help? Is it 'Chicken Feed' or 'Chicken Feet' or 'Chicken Feat'?

I feel that all of them can be used. Here are my logical, illogical logic.

'Chicken Feed' ~ 'as easy' or 'as simple' as 'chicken feed', where there's no fuss in the stuff we feed chickens.

'Chicken Feet' ~ 'as easy' or 'as simple' or 'as bare' as the 'chicken's feet', so as to show that it's not complicated and therefore 'easy' to do.

'Chicken Feat' ~ if the chicken can do it, so can we --- therefore, it should be 'easy' to do.

Greg Pritchard


No description is best. You’ll get the best effect by watching the video first. This guy, Greg Pritchard is really talented and you'll get a real good laugh with the judges' expressions & comments especially when it's from Simon Cowell... really funny...