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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Elizabeth, I Love You

~ by Michael Jackson (Lyrics)
Watch Video on You-Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPMrApaHNfY

Welcome to Hollywood / that's what they told you
A child star in Hollywood / that's what they sold you
Grace with beauty, charm & talent / you would do what you were told
But they robbed you of childhood / took your youth and sold it for gold

Elizabeth, I love you
You’re every star that shines in the world to me
Elizabeth can't you see that it's true

Elizabeth, I love you / You’re more than just a star to me

Lovely Elizabeth, you have surpassed them all
My friend Elizabeth / (you) learned to outlast them all
Many started back when you did / Lost their way and now they're gone
But look at you, a true survivor / Full of life and carrying on

This is your life / you seem to have it all
You reached your peak / they wanted you to fall
It's very sad; this world can be so bad

But though all the heartaches / When they put you down
You know you were the victor / and you earned the crown
It's like walking through the fire / Determined to win
You were beating life's battles / Again and again [Chorus]

Remember the time I was alone
You stood by my side and said: "Let's be strong"
You did all these tings / that only a true friend can do

Elizabeth, I love you
The world knows your work now
I pray one day I'll be just like... you.