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Monday, March 15, 2010

Swing ~ Simple Jazz Swing Beat on Drums


Drums have always been a part of jazz music. The jazz swing sound on the drums has a triplet feeling. The percussionist's job in jazz music is to create and maintain a beat for the other musicians to follow. Playing a basic jazz swing beat on the drums requires a basic knowledge of the drum set. Read on to learn how to play a simple jazz swing beat on drums.

Step 1 ~ Tap the ride cymbal with a swing beat, dum da da dum da da dum. This triplet pattern is the basic tempo of the song.

Step 2 ~ Press the pedal for the bass drum to create a driving beat. This beat is a basic 4/4 style that is dum dum dum dum. The bass drum is always in charge of maintaining the rhythm of the music.

Step 3 ~ Add in the high hat on the two and four counts. This is used as an accent to the beat to keep it going.

Step 4 ~ Play one rim shot on the first and the second beat of every other measure. These accents balance the jazz swing beat.

Step 5 ~ Add in tom and snare parts once you get the beat down. Use the tom and snare sparingly to fill in gaps or to keep the song moving.

Jazz drums are not hard and jagged. Loosen your grip on the drumstick and let the sticks work for you.Use brushes instead of sticks if they are available. Brushes add to a smoother sound.


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Marriage is a life-long commitment...

Marriage is a life-long commitment; 
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