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Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Latest Update:
We went there and tried it. I'm sure there are people out there who'd like it but somehow it's not our favourite. For those who'd like to try it, the address is below.


Kim Choo Kueh Chang 60,
Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427784
Tel: +65 6344 0830

Nonya Cuisine, Bak Chang, etc...

First saw article in 8 Days Magazine, 2009 May 21.

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Uniquely Singapore, Fireworks


Uniquely Singapore

Destination Singapore

Uniquely Singapore - Unique is the word that best captures Singapore, a dynamic city rich in contrast and colour where you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. A bridge between the East and the West for centuries, Singapore, located in the heart of fascinating Southeast Asia, continues to embrace tradition and modernity today. Brimming with unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events, the city offers countless unique, memorable experiences waiting to be discovered.

A single day's trails will take you from the past to the future, from a colourful ethnic enclave to an efficient business centre, from serene gardens to sleek skyscrapers.

Singapore is truly a city like no other, a world of possibilities. With its friendly and welcoming people, state-of-the-art infrastructure and something new happening everyday, your stay will be a memorable mix-and-match of all the things you have always wanted to do. Come and enjoy countless fascinating experiences, and take away memories that are uniquely Singapore.


Harry Kakavas ~ Gambling Addict

Addiction is a real problem for some people. We all have our difficulties. Let's help one another.
Title: Australian high-roller sues casino
Date: 19 May 2009 1651 hrs (SST)
MELBOURNE : A compulsive Australian gambler banned from Sydney's casino blew more than two million dollars (1.5 million US) on the card tables in a neighbouring state in just 43 minutes, a court heard. High-flying property developer Harry Kakavas is suing Melbourne city's Crown Casino in the Supreme Court of Victoria for facilitating his pathological betting, despite knowing he had a problem. Kakavas, 42, was banned by Sydney police from attending the local Star City Casino and he claims the exclusion order should have been enforced Australia-wide, national newswire AAP reported. Instead, his lawyers said rival casino Crown knowingly offered to fly Kakavas to Melbourne on at least 14 occasions and left him gift boxes of 50,000 dollars in "lucky money" on the private jet to help him gamble. During a period of 16 months in 2005 and 2006 Kakavas allegedly turned over 1.5 billion dollars, and was allowed to bet single hands of 300,000 dollars, AAP reported. He lost a total of 30 million dollars, and is suing Crown and its executives for about 20.5 million, AAP said. Crown's lawyer Neil Young said Kakavas was eventually banned from gambling at the casino in August 2006 after losing two million in 43 minutes at the baccarat table. But he rejected claims that Crown had attempted to take advantage of Kakavas. "There was no effort in any sense of the word to lure Mr Kakavas to Crown," Young said. If Crown is found to have breached the Casino Control Act by allowing Kakavas to gamble it could also be liable to pay 700 million dollars in illegally-paid winnings to the Victorian state government. The case continues.