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Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Line Drawing ~ Cockroach

Art Line Drawing ~ Cockroach

GIF ~ Small Boy Running

Can you see him? 


Spotted an Alpha Romeo SPIDER

Date and time: Friday, Jul 20, 2012 at 7:49am
Subject: Spotted an Alpha Romeo SPIDER

This was at the traffic light of Upper Thomson Rd just before Marymount Lane on our left, 
while facing the "Lornie Rd" Flyover.

We were heading for Lornie Rd... 
BUT we did NOT take the "Lornie Rd" Flyover which does lead to the most of Lornie Rd... 
instead, we took the road to the left of that "Lornie Rd" Flyover... 
which leads to Thompson Rd and the little bit of Lornie Rd...
as we were heading from Lornie Rd to a left turn to Andrew Rd, Caldecott Hill, Medicorp. 

That "Lornie Rd" Flyover would have just missed that left turn Andrew Rd.

Note that the "Lornie Rd" Flyover is not a proper road name... 
as there is no name for that portion of the road... to date.