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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GIF Collection

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Misc GIF Animations. Click to View all images to see what's available.

Make a Living and Live ~ PGA

PGA, 20091021, 1705hrs

It’s not enough to learn how to make a living;
You have to learn how to live.
It’s not enough to know how to make a living;
You have to know how to live.
Don’t just learn to make a living;
Learn to live.
Don’t just know how to make a living;
Know how to live.
Don’t just make a living; LIVE!
For life is what you make of it,
And LIVING is what life is all about.

Football Juggle GIFs

Rather than just using your foot, try juggle the Football (Soccer Ball) with you shoulder or head. Click here to View all images. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Mashed Potatoes

Here's the recipe.
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Chocolate ~ Kit Kat

Chocolates ~ PGA's Favourite Main List
Kit Kat is one of my Favourite Chocolates. Although I like the original Red Packet, I prefer the Dark Version in the picture at the bottom. However, the Dark Version is hard to find...