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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Medicine ~ Lorazepam

Just received this drug as a muscle relaxant for my chest pains. To read up more...

Pengerang ~ Day Trip ~ 2010 Dec 20, Monday

The bumboat ride there took about 1 hour.
Food was good and I preferred the crab & fish to the lobster.
Most importantly, I enjoyed the company of people I was with.
The youngest was an 8yr old girl and the oldest was probably 49yr old.
There were 11 of us. 3 guys & 8 girls.
We got the whole bumboat to ourselves... coz we paid for it.
Pengerang is an area at the southeastern tip of Johor, to the south of Desaru. The name is usually used to cover the dock and immigration post at Tanjung Pengelih, the village of Kampong Pengelih and the nearby town of Sungai Rengit.

Get in ~ By car
Sungai Rengit is around 35 km south of Desaru, or 120 km from Johor Bahru. The distance from JB will decrease considerably once the Johor-Desaru Expressway opens.

Get in ~ By boat
Bumboats shuttle from Singapore's Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Tg Pengelih from 7 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening, operating on a first-come-first-served basis: once 12 people show up, the boat leaves. The journey takes about an hour and costs S$9 or RM 15 per person, plus S$2 for a bike. There are semi-scheduled departures in both directions at 7 AM and 1 PM, and the last boats back leave by 4 PM.
Another option launched in 2009 is the Merjdjan Ferry Services (tel. +60-7-8253333) speedboat service from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, which runs seven times a day every day except Tue and Wed departing from 7:50 AM to 3:50 PM, with the last return from Tg Pengelih at 7 PM. Taking only 20 minutes, this is much faster but also more expensive at S$28/38 one-way/return. A final option is to take the Sebana Cove [1] ferry back to Singapore (4/5 services daily, last departure at 9 PM), but this is much more expensive (S$38 one-way) and you'll need to arrange a taxi to take you to Sebana Cove first.

Get around ~ Taxis shuttle between the Pengerang dock and Sungai Rengit for RM 5/person (shared, four person minimum) or RM 20/car (charter). Bicycles can be rented in Sungai Rengit, or you can rent one at Changi and bring it with you.

See ~ Pengerang was the site of a major WW2-era British coastal battery. The part of it at Pengelih, right next to the immigration point, is open to the public but in a state of nature, with no trails, signs etc. Most of the rest is now used by the Malaysian military.

Do ~ Buy
Chinese pastries are a popular souvenir.
Kedai Kek Lim Choo Seng. Handmade lao po bing ("old wife cake") for RM 1.50 a piece.

Do ~ Eat
Seafood! It's the main reason to come here, with treats like lobster and crab much cheaper than Singapore or even JB.
Crystal Jade Seafood
Jade Garden Seafood
Si Wan Dao Seafood (四弯岛幸运海鲜楼)

More info at: http://wikitravel.org/en/Pengerang