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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blue Dragon

& Crispy Chocolatey Rice Cereal

This was being sold by the vendors that came to my work-place canteen. It came with a huge egg, the size of my head (or anyone elses for that matter) and inside this huge egg is a cute Blue Dragon. It doubles as a savings bank. The brand of the chocolate was 'Crispy'. They even had a website (Click Here!) where kids can play online games, earn points and win prizes.

I had someone in mind, I just had to buy it.

And I did!



Desk Stretch Exercises ~ by PGA

Sitting at a desk or table can make one feel very stiff. I came up with these exercises to help loosen up. These exercises can help loosen you up as well. Give it a try.

• L & R Shrug
• Ears 2 Shoulders L & R
• Look Dn Chin 2 Chest
• Look Up Head 2 Back
• Look Back L & R
• Front 2 Back Glide

• Front Roll Swim (Front Crawl or Butterfly)
• Back Roll Swim (Back Stroke, Alternate or Simultaneous)
• Blades Meet (Standing Push Up)
• Hand On Hip (Thumbs Front or Back)

• Elbows Straight Hands Front Stretch
• One Wrist Up (with Other Hand Assist)
• One Wrist Dn (with Other Hand Assist)
• One Wrist Side Variations (with Other Hand Assist)
• Both Wrist Up & Dn (Together or Opposite)
• Both Wrist L & R (Together or Opposite)
• Wrist Rotate (Together or Opposite)

• Knee Straight Front Stretch (One or Both)
• Ankle & Toe Up (One or Both, Together or Opposite)
• Ankle & Toe Dn (One or Both, Together or Opposite)
• Ankle Rotate (One or Both, Together or Opposite)

Head & Face
• Eyes Shut Tight & Open Wide
• Mouth Pursed-Kiss to Crocodile-Yawn
• Eye Massage (Only Around Eye-Sockets & Eye-Brows)
• Face Massage (Forehead, Temple, Cheeks, Ears)
• Head Hair Fingered Back Comb