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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silent Night ~ Bass Vocal Sample ~ by PGA

I did this in 2010 Apr 03 at about 0749hrs.
I managed to hit a C2 here.


Amazing Grace ~ Bass Vocal Sample ~ by PGA

I did this in 2010 Apr 03, at about 0728hrs.
This audio is just to show how low I can go.
I'm hitting a C2 here.




Merry Christmas ~ Medley Excerpt Of 3 Songs ~ sung by PGA

I'd like to wish everyone by singing in my favourite music genre ~ Acappella.

Here's me wishing all of you,
"Have yourself... 
a merry little Christmas
a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas to you...",
And to all of you...
may next year be better than this year &
may your every wish come true.



This was done somewhere in December 2009.
It consist of a Medley Excerpt Of 3 Songs

~ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(from song of the same name)

~ And A Happy New Year
(from the ending of 'We Wish A Merry Christmas')

~ Merry Christmas To You
(from the ending of 'Chestnut ~ The Christmas Song')

I did this using the Free Software, Audacity... right after I downloaded it. I had some problems with with the recording delay of the subsequent tracks with reference to the first track. It's probably NOT Audacity. If anything, it could be my lack of experience.