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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poster ~ Stop The Feeding

Update: 2012 Jun 26, 1733hrs

Actually they have a better poster which I found at the AMK Town Council Website.... which is much better. 

Just for the record, from my observation... the animal feeders in AMK actually DO Practice Responsible Feeding. I've seen these animal feeders feed the cats and wait till the cats have finished... and then clean up whatever food was left behind.

Anyway... this poster is much better than the one in my 'Initial Post:' dated '2012 Jun 26, 1057hrs'.

The Better Poster

Initial Post: 2012 Jun 26, 1057hrs

The poster says: 
"Stop the feeding! Make the estates a better living environment for all. When you feed pigeons and strays, the left-over food attracts pests that will carry with them bacterial harmful to the environment. Our dream home, keep it clean and green."

My questions are:
• Could we have a poster on 'Responsible Feeding' instead?
• Would it make a difference if those who feed the animals practice responsible feeding by waiting there and clearing the food that the animals leave behind?

It's like... I think it would be foolish to prevent road accidents by preventing everyone from leaving their homes.

The Poster

The poster here is the one I saw pasted on a pillar in an AMK Multi-storey Car-park is an old A4-size photostatted copy. Sorry for the poor quality... I'm not familiar with my camera and am not good at taking pictures. I've managed to take close-ups so hopefully, you can see the text. Just click on the pictures to enlarge for easier reading.

The Poster


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