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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pahinga ~ Filipino ~ Tagalog

There's getting to be a lot of Filipinos working in Singapore. 

A lot of them are friends already. Better pick up some of their lingo.

I found this website and the first word I'm picking up is 'pahinga'.

I like this word 'pahinga' in Tagalog (Filipino) which means "rest, relaxation, day off"... something I need badly.

Did you know that Tagalog Lang translates as "Tagalog Only" in Tagalog?


root word: hinga

rest, relaxation, day off


Magpahinga ka muna.
First rest a while. 

Kailangan kong magpahinga.
I need to rest. 

Gusto mo bang magpahinga? 
Do you want to rest? 

Magpapahinga ka ba bukas?
Will you be resting tomorrow? 

Magpapahinga ako mamayang gabi.
I'll rest later tonight. 

Nagpahinga ako kahapon.
I rested yesterday. 

Kailangan ang araw ng pahinga mo?
When's your day of rest? 


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