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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! (2012)

Song intro:

I have a friend who was living away from Singapore due to work. Her name's Joy (well... not really.). When she came back during one of her breaks, she slimmed down quite dramatically... which literally took my breath away. She's newly married and had no children then. When it was her birthday... I re-wrote the lyrics of this song to personalize it for her. Here's a song of how Joy who was so lean, became Joy who was NOT so lean. Playing around with the words and make use of puns... "joy" could mean "happiness" which starts as being nice and "lean"... and later... when the children come... "joy" is now "nice and round", "fat" and "full". Here's the song.

Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! (2012)

Sung to the tune of 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen'

Sample the original song and sing along:

[Chorus x1]
Tra-la-lah... La-lah... La...La-la-lah... 
Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean!

[Verse 1]
Today's the day... you've waited for. (like real)
Because your life is full of your husband's snore
You turned into the slim-mi-est girl we've ever seen
Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! 

[Verse 2]
What happened to... that sunny face (round like sun)
that "little" girl we know now... has smaller waist
We can't believe our eyes... your just a teenage dream
Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! 

[Chorus x3]
Tra-la-lah... La-lah... La...La-la-lah... 
Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! 

[Verse 3 - Extra Verse]
May your future be brighter! May your life be fuller!
May you come home soon to... start... a litter (sorry, I can't think of a better rhyme)
May all your sweet... dreams... be a re-a-li-ty-ee
Happy Birthday Joy's So Lean! 

(wait... and if this verse happens... 
...Joy won't be lean anymore... 
... Chorus will change to "Joy's Not Lean".)

[Chorus x3]
Tra-la-lah... La-lah... La...La-la-lah... 
Happy Birthday "Joy's Not Lean"! 


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