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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sheet Music Score ~ Chinese New Year Fire-Crackers

Firecrakers using hand claps.

I arranged this somewhere between 1999 & 2001.

Download Midi

Historical Note: There was a time when the sound of fire-crackers
were very familiar during Chinese New Year. Now, we can have the
sound of fire-crackers minus the fire-hazard and minus the littering.

Visual Notes: For added reality, a gala(or long bambu pole) may be used
to carry the mocked fire-crackers. A smoke machine may also be used.

Audio Notes: 'Cupped Fingers', clapped over a 'Cupped Palm', creates a loud
piercing sound, which imitates the sound of a single fire-cracker. Watching the
Conductor is very important as the tempo is varied from beat-to-beat to put
each clap (or fire-cracker), closer or further apart. Use as many people as
possible and allow for some break in rhythm for that random exploding effect.

The Fire-Cracker Music Score
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