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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IFTAR ~ A Good Tradition For The Family

A colleague of mine came to work dressed exceptionally well today with a lovely long-sleeved shirt (he told me it's made in the Brunei Style) with cuff-links and small detachable gold buttons.

I asked him, "what's happening?" and he told me, that this the evening, he was going to break fast (he's Muslim and it's the Fasting Month of Ramadan) with some colleagues.

He explained that this is called 'Iftar' and families take turns to invite other families to join them in the evenings during the Fasting Month of Ramadan.

I think this is a very good tradition where families get a chance to meet one another. 

I've learnt that...
The more we see one another, 
the more familiar we'll be with one another, 
BUT the less we see, the stranger we'll feel, 
and we should not feel like strangers... 
... especially in a family.
~ 49 years old, 2011 Aug 16, 1306hrs

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