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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ANSWER to Maths Question ~ 2011 Feb 21 (NON-Algebra Method)

Here's my answer to a Maths Question I posted...
This is the NON-Algebra Method. 'Click here for the Algebra Method'.

Minah is 18 yrs older than Aishah. 
In 6 yrs time, Minah's age will be twice as much as Aishah.
What is Aishah's age now?

Answer: Aishah's age now should be 12 years old.

Let’s check if my answer is correct.

If Aishah is 12 years old now… then Minah will be 30 years old.
In 6 years time Aishah will be 12 + 6 = 18 years old.
In 6 years time Minah will be 30 + 6 = 36 years old.
In 6 yrs time, Miniah’s age (at 36) will be twice as much as Aishah (which is 18)
… I think this answer is correct.

Here’s how I got the answer…



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