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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Watch & Vacuum Cleaner (Christmas 2009)

Got this watch for Christmas 2009.

At any one time, I only have one watch and it's a Casio. I like the green-back-light that does not hurt your eyes when checking the time in the middle of the night.

When mine spoiled a few months ago, I tried to go without a watch and relied on my handphone to tell me the time. Well, someone noticed I didn't have a watch, and bought me one that looked like it, except that it wasn't Casio.

Although it wasn't a Casio, it ranks very highly as one of the best presents I've had throughout my life.

On top of that, it came with a Vacuum Cleaner (Novelty Table Stationery) that sucks up eraser-rubs. It'll be very useful when I use pencil to do my Music-Arrangement or Drawing-Sketch-Work.

Pix 1.

While looking for a picture of this watch (Pix 1, above), I found this very interesting clock (Pix 2, below). It views local time in 24 global times zones with this innovative clock from Charlotte van der Waals. Roll the clock so the time zone you need is on top - the perfect gift for the frequent flyer or traveler.

The design is so simple and yet so creative. Notice that it does not have the minute-hand and uses only the hour-hand & the second-hand, so it will take some getting use to.

If you want this innovative clock from Charlotte van der Waals, you can find it at This Link.

Pix 2.


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