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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Joke ~ Overreact

If I ever have to do a Stand-up routine, I can do this. This stand-up comedy routine is inspired by my daughter when when she sent pix of ovary with caption, "Sry, I (my) ovary(s)-acted"

Short Version

Joke (Riddle) ~ Why Do Women Overreact?

Why do women overreact?

Because they have ovaries.

Long Version

Joke ~ Overreact

sent pix of ovary with caption, 
"Sorry, ovary reacted"


This is true.
Only women overreact.
(overreact = ovary act)
You see, only women have ovaries.
Because they have ovaries,
they are very good in acting.
It is very difficult... 
to take them seriously.

They... Pretend to cry.
Pretend don't know how to drive.
Pretend to drive anyhow.
Pretend cannot park.
Pretend cannot open bottle.
Pretend cannot open door.
Pretend to drop handkerchief.
Pretend eye got problem so blink-blink.

The reason why 
they 'overreact' 
is because...
(this I not bluffing, 
this is in dictionary)

means to...

"respond more emotionally 
or forcibly than is justified"

... this is true because
we all know that
women are very emotional.
... and this is also true because... 
because... they got ovaries mah!
Dictionary (googled from the internet)


What does 'Overreact' mean?



respond more emotionally 
or forcibly than is justified.
"the Authority are urging people not to overreact to the problem"

get upset over nothing, react disproportionately, get overexcited, go too far, act irrationally, lose one's sense of proportion, exaggerate, make something out of nothing, make a mountain out of a molehill, blow something up out of all proportion; informalpress/push/hit the panic button; informalgo over the top

"parents should set children a good example rather than overreact"

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