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Friday, July 18, 2014

My Height ~ 1.81, 1.83 or 1.85 meters?

My height is actually 1.83 meters... give or take 2 centimeters... here's why.

Of all the times at TTSH, this is the 1st time the Nurse gave me the slip of paper regarding my Height, Weight and BMI, after measuring... and my height measured as 1.81 meters (- 2 cm) because  the SHORT nurse was taking my temperature via my ear, and i was trying to help her by NOT standing straight and tall so that she could reach my ear.

This reminded me of another incident during my Pre-Enlistment into the Army when another SHORT nurse measuring my height had measured me as 1.85 meters (+ 2 cm), and this was because she was using a ruler which slanted upward due to her being short. I think in Mathematics, this is called ??? (Urgh! I forgot the term).

My Height, Weight & BMI
~ on Thursday, 2014 Jul 17, at 14:14hrs


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