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Friday, July 25, 2014

Baba Wins Peranakan Cuisine

Baba Wins
Peranakan Cuisine

Babawins' Peranakan Cuisine

#01-23, The Star Vista
1, Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617


My wife and I went there are few days ago. We had the 1). Ayam Buah Keluak, 2). Ngoh Hiang, and 3). Chap Chai. We were very pleased and at the moment, we think that this is probably the best Peranakan food we've tasted. We are definitely going back to try the other dishes on the menu.

~ For those who are very traditional, you may not like the fact that they've taken out the paste in the nut and mixed it directly into the gravy, so there is NO Keluak nut to dig the paste out from. However, there are certain advantages to this is, as the chicken gets really marinated and the gravy is thicker. I thought I was very traditional and have always liked to dig the nut... but I must say that I'm a convert now. Children who tend to be less traditional will enjoy this convenience.

2). Ngoh Hiang 
~ Taste just like it was made at home by our Teochew neighbor, just the way we like it... and NOT like what is generally sold at most hawker centres or food courts. If you go there, you will have to try this... and it's not salty too. The sweet sauce that comes with it is also good.

3). Chap Chai 
~ The cabbages were too hard in my opinion (I prefer them soft) but I'm sure some other people will like it this way for the crunch. The TauCu (Soy Bean Paste) gravy was a little mild for me but it grew on me and at the end I was slurping till the last drop. I normally don't like the Bamboo Shoots which is in the original recipe and many households do not put it in, but this was prepared very well the the nasty smell and taste of the Bamboo Shoots was too faint to notice.

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