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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Vocal Tip - Changing from Low to High notes when singing

Time and time again... I get so happy whenever someone uses me as a Vocal Coach. Here's the WhatsApp Group Chat I had with my friends.

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Date: Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Subject: Vocal Tip - tips on changing from low to high notes when singing


[10:14, 28/06/2014] MC: Fonz, do you have any tips on changing from low to high notes when singing? Eg G to C, my voice tends to sounds either harsh or airy

[10:15, 28/06/2014] MC: I'm learning the psalm for tmr and having some difficulty with the first bar of each verse when the note changes from high C to G to high C again

[12:27, 28/06/2014] fONS: I didn't think u'd (have) any problems coz u always sound natural. I'm guessing... Harsh probably coz too much Chest Tone.... and Airy... prob too much Head Tone. Work on the right balance. The amount of breath support under the note will also help with balance. I also hv dd same problem but with practice it gets better but note dat i m still not there yet.

[12:28, 28/06/2014] AT: Wah... Like Chinese Doctor!!! Fonz can be our vocal sinseh!!!

[12:29, 28/06/2014] BC: lol

[12:29, 28/06/2014] BC: Right balance sounds like yin and yang

[12:29, 28/06/2014] AT: Kakakakakakaka....

[12:29, 28/06/2014] fONS: Hahah!

[12:41, 28/06/2014] fONS: Before n after dd G note u mention is a common problem for most women bcoz most women use 2 vocal registers when they sing... whereas... men can go higher until just b4 dd next G... so most of dd time, men r just using 1 vocal register to sing.

[12:42, 28/06/2014] fONS: I better stop here... i cud go on n on.


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