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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Matrix Glitch

This is interesting...
a Puzzle,
a Mathematical Explanation,
... or... if you prefer...
a Simple Picture Explanation.

Q1 ~ Original Source Link of Video 1
~ by Yo Mama
{Re-Posting of Video 1}
I keep watching and re-watching this. Fascinating!
Video 1

{Posted Explanation in Picture 1}
{Using Picture To Show How It's Done}

{Posted Another Mind Boggling Picture}

{Explained Q1 using Mathematical Formula}

{Explaining Q2}
That triangle one has to deal with the slopes of the green and red triangles. 
It appears to be a straight line but it changes slightly where they meet if you look closely

{On Adam Sterner's Explanation of Q1}
Well proven...I was trying to visually simplify the answer.

{Explaining Q2}
If you look closely at the 'triangle' one, or reproduce it yourself, 
you'll find the diagonal is no longer a straight line in the 
second drawing--that accounts for the missing square area.

{on Q1}
David O'Malley -So basically you still have the same amount of pieces, but you lose volume, correct?

{on Q1}
Jeff, yes....the 3rd row from the bottom loses 25% per square, adding up to the missing square.

J1 tried the chocolate experiment! And it's true, there is a glitch in the matrix! 


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