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Friday, April 11, 2014

Wonton Noodles ~ at Shun Fu Market (Our Favourite)

I've been eating this almost every morning for years, faithfully from his stall. His name is Mr Lam, and in the picture below is his wife Mrs Lam who serves the customers while he cooks the noodles.

I normally order, 'Wonton Mee, Dry, a lot of Chili and NO Charsiew', Hong Kong Style.

Best is his Wonton Dumplings, Crunchy Noodles, Chili Padi Paste, & Soup (in the mornings only). I would give the Char Siew a miss which my wife might disagree.

They serve it with Black Sauce also if you like.

Most of all I like his attitude. I've seen him when it was tough going but he still took pride in his cooking and made a good plate of wonton noodle. He pressed on every morning till afternoon until he moved to Shun Fu Market. Now his business is very brisk from Breakfast to Lunch.

Wonton Noodles ~ at Shun Fu Market
Friday, April 11, 2014, 

Address: 02-04, Block 302, Shun Fu Market
Opens: Breakfast and Lunch, every day except Mondays

Wonton Mee
~ Dry
~ a lot of Chili
~ NO Charsiew

When you come in from the Bus-Stop, 
the shop will be on your right (as in the picture below), 
and I am sitting at the table with the stall behind me.

The cook is behind the stall and on 
the right of this picture is his wife.

Then it got very busy for them.


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