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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Kopi Banjir

Remember... you read it here first.

I think the local (Singapore) name I would give this is Kopi Banjir.

Kopi ~ is the Malay word for Coffee (also in Hokkien, a Chinese Dialect).

Banjir ~ is the Malay word for 'Flood'.

So it's Ice-Cream Flooded with Coffee.

The recipe below just adds Blueberries which is optional.


Affogato is Italian for 'Drowned'. 
This is Ice-Cream drowned in Coffee. 
The clash of sweetness (of the ice-cream) and bitterness (of the coffee) is amazing. 
And the Blueberries adds a nice, soft crunch to it.

• 2 scoops of ice-cream (vanilla will do) in a glass cup.
• make a cup of very thick coffee without milk or sugar.
• chill the coffee either by ice or use the fridge.
• pour the coffee over the ice-cream until half of the ice-cream is submerged.
• add in the blue-berries.
• sprinkle some Milo "dust" in.

The actual Affogato uses Espresso instead of Coffee,
and Chocolate Shavings instead of Milo "dust".


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