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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Devil ~ Somebody's Knocking

Monday, October 14, 2013
The Devil ~ Somebody's Knocking

Edited Lyrics for anyone to sing (even guys) to sing to the girls (women) they care for... 

...OR could also be a parable about the actual devil and mankind 
in relation to a devious guy trying to court an unsuspecting girl. 

Could even be sung at a Christian gatherings with these lyrics.
Somebody's Knocking ~ Terri Gibbs (Lyrics)

Somebody's knockin' / Should YOU let him in
Oo! it's the devil / Would you look at him
YOU've heard about him / But YOU've never dreamed
He'd have blue eyes and blue jeans

Well somebody's talkin' / He's whispering to YOU
Your place or my place / Well, which will DO-oo?
YOUR're gittin' weaker / And he's comin' on strong
But YOU don't wanna go wrong

He must have tapped YOUR telephone line
He must have known / YOU're spendin' YOUR time Alone
He says YOU'll have one heavenly night
YOUR fever's burnin' / So he ought be right at home

[V1] [V3]

(Somebody's knockin')
Somebody's knockin'
Oh, somebody's knockin'


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