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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Changing Your Last Name

Someone just sent me this picture which has a very interesting dialog...

BUT the "last name" bit is really old fashion.

Women are NOT required by law to change their last names.

I told my wife she did not have to do it, and she didn't.

It's fine to use 'Mr & Mrs' with husband's surname for UN-official occasions, BUT, wives, please use your own surnames for Official purposes. That is the surname the people you know have already grown used to. 

And, although nobody intends to breakup after a marriage, it is a sad fact that it does happen to even the best of us. Me and my wife are still together today even thought we've thought about this when we were getting married.

But then... this decision is entirely yours to make. I'm just suggesting.

Boy: You are perfect for me, exactly the way you are.
Girl: So you wouldn't change anything about me?
Boy: Well... I guess there is one thing...
Girl: My hair?
Boy: No.
Girl: My eyes?
Boy: No.
Girl: What is it then?
Boy: Your last name.


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