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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer CHAIN

I just received this via email.

This is probably the only "Chain Letter" that I'm thinking of sending out. Even then, I might not do it. Yup, probably just better to put it here on my Blog.
Dear All and Others

This email is addressed to ALL VOLUNTEERS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRISON MINISTRY (RCPM) but I hope it will go beyond the RCPM to as many people as possible. Note that I am addressing it to “Others”.

1.      I ask that we start a CHAIN OF PRAYER. I want to make it very clear that this is not a “chain letter”   as it is commonly understood, which smacks of superstitious claims that if  you send it to X number of people good things will happen to you; if you do not send the letter bad things will happen. 

2.      I simply want to solicit prayers, from as many people as possible for:

a.       Some specific intentions. This month our intention is for “Peace in Syria”  as requested by Pope Francis and our Archbishop William Goh.

b.      We will pray for  different intentions each month

c.       Each person who receives the prayer chain letter will be prayed for by everyone and the recipient of the letter is asked to pray for every who sends out All this chain letter. “One for all and all for one”.

d.      I would like to keep this prayer campaign very simple, so that even a child can participate in it. For this month, everyone who receives this email is asked to say just one Hail Mary There is no need for complex, time consuming organization; there is no great expenses involved. Just send this letter to a group through your computer

e.       You do not need to have to have a profound knowledge of Theology to join in this prayer chain.  All you need is to pray one Hail Mary (for this month) with trust and simplicity in the love and the power of our Mother and Queen of Mercy.

One day I was on the MRT and a young lady offered me her seat. It would be ungracious to refuse her kind offer.  I asked myself how can I repay this stranger for her little act of kindness. I decided that I would say a Hail Mary for her. After saying the Hail Mary for her, I felt certain I would see her again, in heaven, because  Mother Mary will  pray to Jesus for her!!!

Since then I always say a Hail Mary for the young people who give up their seats for me, as well as for all the people on the train.

Oremus pro invicem
Your  brother in Jesus and son of Mary
Paul Pang CSSR

"the inner journey of faith to God starts in prayer"

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