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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coffee ~ Espresso Field Guide

First, here is a original joke by me... a long one so be patient.
Joke & My Coffee Research
(Note that this is a Singapore Based Joke... so you might miss some things if you're not Singaporean.)

Do you know what a Black Eye Coffee is? You've probably heard of Espresso, Macchiato, Cappucino, Mocha and Latte. These are all Espresso Based Coffee. Have you heard of a 'Black Eye'? Well... this is also another Espresso Based Coffee. It contains... Espresso (2 oz) and Brewed Coffee (4 oz). This means... 1 part Espresso and 2 parts Brewed Coffee. What is 'Brewed Coffee'?. According to Wikipedia... "Coffee is a brewed beverage..." (there you go, the first 5 words that Wikipedia use to describe 'Coffee'. You can check it out here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee). And this means... our Singapore Kopi from the Kopitiam is a "Brewed Coffee". So... you can just mix... 1 part Espresso to 2 parts Singapore Kopitiam Kopi... and this will give you... a Black Eye. Also... a Black Eye is what you may get... IF... an Italian were to see you do this... to their Espresso.
Here's a brief of MY understanding of the the Espresso Based Coffee.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and so it is. 
I got most (if not all) of my information from just this one picture (image).

Coffee ~ Espresso Field Guide (Click to Enlarge)

~ This is where it all starts. This how the Italians drink their coffee.
~ Very small, very concentrated coffee (1 oz) with very little, very concentrated Foamed Milk. 
~ Foamed Milke is so little that it's like a less than a DOT (because a DOT will make it a Caffee Macchiato). 
~ I think you need a machine to do this.

Caffee Macchiato
~ Espresso (2 oz) & a DOT of Foamed Milk.

This is the easiest to start with because of the 3 ingredients are all equal. 
~ Espresso (2 oz), Steamed Milk (2 oz) & Foamed Milk (2 oz).

Caffe Americano
~ Espresso (2 oz), Hot Water (3 oz)
~ I've got a feeling the Milk is added on your own because that's how the Americans drink their coffee.

~ Espresso (2 oz), Chocolate (2 oz), Steamed Milk (1 oz).

Mocha Breve
Espresso (2 oz), Chocolate (2oz), Steamed Milk (2 oz).

Flat White
~ Espresso (2 oz) & Steamed Milk (4 oz)

Caffe Latte
~ Espresso (2 oz), Steamed Milk (10 oz), Formed Milk (0.5 oz)

Black Eye
~ Espresso (2 oz) & Brewed Coffee (4 oz)
~ I thought this was an interesting name.
~ Could be like mixing Espresso (2 oz) & Local Singapore Kopi (4 oz)
~ and the result is A Black Eye.


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