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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

GIF ~ M1 Cable Guy Advertistment

Created the GIF Version (scroll down) using...

First the original Flash Version...

Flash Animation &  STILL of this 'M1 Cable Guy' Advertisement.
Flash Version

Image on the Left
~ the actually Flash Animation that works, just click on the 'replay' at bottom of Flash Version.
(Note that the Flash Animation may not work if the original source is not there anymore.)

Image on the Right
~ this is just the STILL picture of the Animation. The 'replay' will NOT work here.


GIF Version
Placed side by side to compare

Five Speeds Available

I used 3 or the 5 speeds available.

Here they are in this Speed Order:
1-Slowest Speed / 3-Normal Speed / 4-Fast Speed


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