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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Reason To Love ~ "Mild Personality Disorder" ~ by PGA

As I read some articles while surfing the internet, I started to think of the problems husbands & wives have with each other, old parents with their grown-up children, and basically the problems people have with each other in general. The answer, for me at least, are in these words... "Mild Personality Disorder". It does not explain much, but it does help... explain to me... and it helps me understand, although explaining it will be difficult. I don't know if this explanation will help others as well.

All of us have, to some degree, a personality disorder of some kind... not necessarily significant enough to be admitted to a Mental Institution, but a "Mild Personality Disorder" just the same. This means, we will never be able to fully understand each other. All we can do is to continue loving each other, with this understanding that we all have a "mild" personality disorder that prevents us from being the person that our loved ones expect of us... and we... of our loved ones.

It is through unpleasantness that we really understand the meaning of what it means to love. For if everything was nice & smooth... loving would be too easy... and we are not really tested on what it really means to love.


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