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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lyrics & Chords ~ JOY WAS IN MY HEART

Haven't sung this song in a long time.
I managed to find the lyrics on the internet.

Lyrics & Chords ~ JOY WAS IN MY HEART

[C] Joy was in my heart, [F] allelu- [C] -ia,
[G7] when I heard them [C] say:
"Let us [Dm] go [G] to God's [C] house."

[Verse 1]
And [C] now our [G] feet are [C] standing, alleluia.
With- [G7] -in your [C] gates, O Je- [Dm] -ru- [G] -sa- [C] -lem.

[Verse 2]
Je- [C] -rusalem, most [G] beautiful [C] city.
So [C] strongly compact, [F] allelu- [C] -ia.
[G7] On you con- [C] -verge all the [Dm] tribes [G] of the [C] Lord.

[Verse 3]
May his [C] peace [G] reign in your [C] walls.
[G] Happiness and [C] love in all your homes, [F] allelu- [C] -ia.
[G7] For you are the [C] house of the [Dm] Lord, [G] our [C] God.

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