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Friday, September 28, 2012

Kebun Baru Food Centre ~ AMK St 22

I was at Kebun Baru Food Centre ~ AMK St 22 this morning at 6am.

Kebun Baru Food Centre ~ AMK St 22
Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 before 6:56 AM (or 6am to 6:30am)

01-05 Wanton Noodle.
~ first shop I saw after parking. Nice. I detect there is NO MSG and very little salt used. Char Siew pre-sliced thinly, consistently. Soup, pleasant. Noodles... good enough for me. Point to note... one plate cost either $2.50 or $3 and the default is $3 and that was what I got when I ordered without stating my preference... so let them know if you want the $2.50 plate.

01-15 Sin Kim Seng Coffee Stall
~ the Kopi-Kau-Sway (50cents) I drank was nice. I'd drink again.

01-28 ~ Tea House
~ I did NOT drink (have not drunk) here yet. What's interesting here is... while drinking my cup of kopi (from 01-15), I saw a few people drinking their's in a nicer, smaller and more Traditional Cup-n-Saucer (like the one we have at home). I went round looking for it and then noticed that it came from this stall which was run by Indians... what a surprise for me. I remember saying... "drink Kopi from the Chinese Stall and Teh-Tarik from the Indian Stall"... well, if this is as good as it looks... you could get both here. Must try next time I'm there.

Near by... Blk 226-G, AMK Ave 1 or St 22, 

01-685 ~ New Generation Confectionery.
Open very early, by 6am they were busy starting their day.
I only a visual observation... has a nice range n variety of cakes, bread, biscuits and kueh-kueh.


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