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Monday, July 23, 2012

Malay ~ Hi Babe!

I met a colleague at work and he greeted me... "Hi Babe!"

I have heard this before but today I asked myself... "why is he calling me...  'Babe'? Do I look like a 'Babe'."

I also noticed that most of the Malays do this... with a few of the other races just following copycat wise.

The Malay boys I grew up with are well known for making up phrases that almost always set a trend, a style, a sway in Singapore.

I asked another Malay colleague of mine if he has ever heard a Malay greeting others in this way?

He said this is common because they are using an Arab phrase for Mister spelt as 'Habib'.

'Ha-bib' is pronouced as 'Ha' as in 'Harvest' and 'bib' as in 'Babe'.

Hmm... we learn something new everyday.


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